[Linux Bash Shell] custom bind keys

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Shell short keys :



We can use bind command to set the short keys in Bash environment.

dump short keys :

$ bind -p

set short keys from file

$ bind -f {key map file}

set short key directly

$ bind '"\C-p": shell-backward-kill-word'

How to know the key code ? we can use “read” to capture it 

# I press MAC's keyboard "command" + "right arrow key"

$ read
^[^[[D .

note:  ^[  is map to \e in bind command

MAC control code mapping 

\C : Control

\e : Optional

My preferred bind keys

# custum
"\ea": shell-backward-kill-word # Ctrl + a
"\es": shell-kill-word # Ctrl + s
"\e\e[C": forward-word  # Ctrl + right arrow key
"\e\e[D": backward-word # Ctrl + left arrow key


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